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  • 土耳其有机颜料生产线

    Processing unit:RTSM-30AJ 三台
    Processing materials and fineness:有机颜料   D90<2微米
    ustomer evaluation: 这条生产线简直太棒了。这个项目是我公司和乌兹别克斯坦政府合作的一个项目。在生产线安装完成后,我...
  • 泰国农药悬浮剂生产盘式动态卧式砂磨机RTSM-50AD

    Processing unit:RTSM-50AD
    Processing materials and fineness:农药悬浮剂-除草剂、杀菌剂   D90<5μm
    ustomer evaluation: 儒特的SC砂磨机非常符合我的需求。我们是第一次生产SC,在我购买儒特的砂磨机之前,我觉得他们价格太贵...
  • 四川阻燃剂生产用陶瓷棒销砂磨机

    Processing unit:RTSM-60BJD 2台
    Processing materials and fineness:阻燃剂   D90<500nm
    ustomer evaluation: 设备使用效果非常好!
  • 浙江染料墨水用实验室卧式砂磨机RTSM-1.0BJD

    Processing unit:RTSM-1.0BJD
    Processing materials and fineness:染料墨水   D50<120nm(0.12μm)
    ustomer evaluation: 设备直接使用人员:我们16年在儒特实验室做的实验,但那个时候并没有立刻就上,在17年的时候公司准备...




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The most common six hidden dangers of bad-quality bead mill is gradually resulting in your profit-loss
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Root is focusing on the research of 80nm to 10micron wet grinding fineness and it is also our strong point.
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  • Shanghai exhibition hall
    In 2018, the new equipment exhibition hall of the Shanghai special exhibition hall was set up. All the users in the exhibition were displayed on the push model to meet the customers' full range of visits and understand the products. READ MORE>>
  • Nanoscale grinding Laboratory
    The nano grinding laboratory in Anhui can provide customers with free experimental grinding to meet your detailed requirements. READ MORE>>
  • Anhui production base
    Anhui Root Industrial Co., Ltd. occupies an area of forty thousand square meters, with strong processing power. READ MORE>>
  • About Root
    Shanghai Root mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Main wet grinding equipment, annual output value of about 90 million RMB, product export more than 80 countries, involving paint, ink, pesticides, non mining, ceramics, batteries, dyes, graphene, electronic slurry, and other dozens of industries, and get customers at home and abroad unanimous praise. READ MORE>>
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  • 亲爱的广大客户朋友们: 岁末年初,新春伊始,上海儒特集团全体员工真诚的感谢您长期以来对我们的支持与厚爱。2017,我们风雨同舟彼此信任!2018,期待你我携手共进...
  • 被誉为“工业味精”的石墨烯其优点不言而喻,但产业化发展缘何“步履蹒跚”呢?没有量化生产,实验性材料将不会有生命力。”这是石墨烯发现者英国曼彻斯特大学教授安德烈?海姆曾经说过的一...
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